Curriculum and Teaching

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Aims of Curriculum and Teaching edit

The aims of Curriculum designs and Teaching strategies are somehow different from normal universities, of which the original root should be deeply growing from the up-dating situations of our postmodernist worlds. Therefore, we need to carefully think of what kind of materials we can collect from the social medias, the journals of the diverse subjects, the reports of the cutting-edge researches and their relevant organizations, the individual contributions, the cultural recognitions & traditions and the common knowledge.

We need to carefully thread them together as curriculum and let them have meanings focusing on the developing principles of different groups. we also need to make our teachings effectively with the equality and the humanity, which can give children, young teenagers, adults, middle-age people and aging people all-inclusive and good-qualified learning opportunities and teaching guides whenever and wherever of our earth, only if you can open a device accessing to internet.

We are also hoping you can contribute your own new knowledge though your own participant-observations in terms of your hometown, you subjects and your beliefs. We are hoping a truly equal academic world - a pure zone with reasonability can be constructed online with numberless 'channels' linking to all the corners all around the worlds.