Curriculum Planning/Trainer Profile

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Trainer Profile edit

The person(s) responsible for leading the training session may go by any one of a number of names: teacher, instructor, professor, trainer, etc. While it’s important to know what this individual will be called, for the purposes of this document this person will be referred to as a trainer.

Trainer(s) for a program are an important part of the learning environment. When hiring or selecting trainers for a course or program, consider the following questions:

1. Expectations of the learner audience

  • What kinds of trainers will the learners be expecting? Experienced adult educators? School teachers? Technical professionals? Male or female, young(er) or old(er)?
  • Determine the community’s most recent experience with adult training. On the whole, was the experience positive or negative?

2. Preferred subject matter expertise

  • In which field(s) should the trainer have considerable expertise?
  • What minimum background is required?

3. Preferred (or required) language facility

  • Must the trainer be fluent in the language understood by the learner audience?
  • If not, will a translator be adequate and available?

4. Preferred formal education

  • Are the educational credentials of the trainer important to this learner audience? If so, what breadth and depth of formal education is preferred?
  • What minimum formal education is required by the training contract?

5. Preferred training experience

  • How important is it that the trainer have recent and/or extensive experience as a trainer?
  • How important is it that the trainer have past experience with this (or a similar) learner audience?
  • If the training must be delivered remotely, what experience does the trainer have with online delivery?

6. Preferred soft-skills strengths

  • What soft-skills (empathy, patience, flexibility, good listening skills etc.) are required?

7. Required trainer support

  • If the available trainer(s) lack subject matter expertise, training experience, language facility or soft skills, how will s/he be supported in this teaching assignment?

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