Cryptography/More Simple Substitution Cyphers

Simple Shifts (A->B B->C, A->Z Z->Y) edit

With simple shifts, A could equal any of the other 25 letters of the alphabet, eg C, and B could equal the letter before or after that, in this case it would have to be D.

For example,


would mean that Z = B and O = Q and "Wikiversity" would become "Ykmkxgtukva."

Here's another example:


In the above cypher, each letter now equals its preceding letter. B now equals A, P now equals O and "Wikiversity" has become "Vhjhudqrhsx."

Number Substitution (A=1 Z=26) edit

<insert reverse substitutions>

Reverse Substitution (A->Z B->Y...Z->A) edit

<insert reverse substitutions>