This learning resource will be designed to understand crowdsourcing as methodology and after finishing the learning resource you will be able to initiate a basic crowdsourcing project.

Knowledge of the Crowd

History of Learning ResourceEdit

The learning resource was build on exisiting material on Crowdsourcing in Wikipedia[1]. Due to technical problems in the import process we do not have a clean history from the branching version in Wikipedia. To be transparent it is necessary to keep the comments about the history of this learning resource in the top page of the learning resource. To follow the full history of the the learning resource check "[view history of source article in Wikipedia]"

Learning StepsEdit

  • (Open Community Approach) This learning resource is following the Open Community Approach. Explain why Wikipedia, Wikiversity is following the Crowd Sourcing approach. What is the resource coming from the crowd.
  • (Swarm Intelligence)
  • (Open Data Collection) Open Data Kit can be used as Open Source Platform to collect the data. Analyze the contribution of data collection in the context of


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