Instructional design/Learning objectives/Criterion Self-Test/Answers

1. Criteria in objectives can best be defined as?

*Criteria is the outcome of a well formed objective.(although the outcome may be a measurable
criteria, this is not the correct answer)
*Criteria provides the "how to" of a well formed objective (this is wrong, "how to" is more of 
a condition)
*Criteria provides the measurable portion of a well formed objective. (this is the correct 
answer because criteria is a measurable part of the objective)

2. Criteria can best be defined by _____________?

*Speed, weight and measurement (these are criteria measurements but not
the best answer)
*Accuracy, speed, quality and quantity (This is the best answer)
*Speed, measurement, experts and opinions (these could be criteria measurements but
not the best answer)

3. The areas criteria come from are_______.

*Job, improvement, academic and personal experience (Correct, this is the best answer)
*Business and education. (these are correct, but not the best answer or complete)
*Experience and documentation. (these are correct, but not the best answer or complete)

4. Which is an example of pointing criteria?

*answers must be accurate to the nearest whole number. (wrong this is accuracy criteria)
*saw a 2" X 4" board in half within 60 seconds (wrong this is speed criteria)
*according to criteria described on pg.5 of manual. (this is correct as it points to criteria
described in a manual)

5. A good question to ask yourself before writing criteria is______.

*How much time will this take? (this may be a question for a speed criteria, but it is not the best answer)
*How will we know if the object has been achieved?(this is the correct answer as it as it leads to measurement) 
*What does it take to be correct?(this a valid question but not the best)

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