The Cri du Chat (w:Cri du Chat) is a rare genetic disease in which caused by a missing piece of Chromosone 5 (5p MonoSomy). The name came from the infant's crying, which is like a cat, and also high pitched ("Cri du Chat" is a French term, meaning "Cat Cry"). The disease was first discovered by Jérôme Lejeune in 1963, in which is why it's also named Lejeune's Disease. The cure for this disease is unknown.

Cure edit

  • To help with communication skills, teach sign language for the child.
  • Speech Theropy, which can improve the poor language ability.
  • Physical Theropy, which can improve the poor muscle.

Get Help edit

  • Your legal Doctor
  • Cri du Chat Support of Australia. (03) 9775 9962
  • Association for Children with Disability. 03) 9818 2000 or 1800 654 013
  • Better Start for Children with Disabilities. 1800 242 636

Symptoms edit

  • Drooling a lot
  • Unusual facial features, such as buck teeth.
  • Behavior, such as agression.
  • Big/Slanted Eyes
  • Rigid teeth
  • Flatten Nose and Small head.

Facts edit

  • The disease becomes less noticeable as you grow up.
  • Girls get this disease more than boys

Sources edit