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If you're interested in helping instruct or just want to learn, add your name in the appropriate list below!

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Merlyn Cooper
Rhian Davies
James Fletcher Fletch 2002 00:34, 18 January 2008 (UTC)
Paul Keeley paulk
Reid Trevarthen
Nick Udell
Jeff Cole
Daniel Archdale
Vikki Hodgson
Paul Young
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Suzi Clements
Jen M., from LA, CA -- beginner, some phrases -- 06/2016
Ashley Gordon
Clear every dayDawne Lightbourne ~ Cornwall & other ancient Kingdoms and their language...

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Jezz Amalveor

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Stephen Owen Rule: I would love to learn to enable me to teach the language better. SteCymru14 on YouTube

Scorpio: I'm interested in any Celtic language. I've already signed up at the Breton stream. I'll get more active approximately a week later.

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--Kernoweger 22:12, 18 August 2009 (UTC)

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Stephen Owen Rule: Would love to teach any Celtic language, especally a Brythonic one. I'm with Shaun on this one, except I'm helping with the Welsh, Breton and Devonian streams.... Meur ras - Diolch - Trugarez SteCymru14 on YouTube