Cooking/Introduction/Boiling eggs


Cooking/Introduction/Boiling eggsEdit

Module: I Basic
Techniques: Boiling
Skills: Organisation
Food knowledge: Egg
Equipment & appliances: Saucepan, egg cup


  1. For students to experience the way that cooking Activity units are constructed and completed.
  2. To conduct research around, and make decisions about, the main techniques, ingredients and equipment used in the cooking assignment.
  3. To experience devising action and organisation plans based on reading recipes.
  4. To carry out cooking assignments.
  5. To record and evaluate their activity.


Read the recipes, research, then prepare, cook and serve soft boiled eggs and hard boiled eggs, and record your activities.


Check out these terms by entering "definition:foo" in google search box.

mis en place

rolling boil


Preparation skillsEdit

Organisation plan.pdf Download the worksheet for this activity and complete all the sections


Cooking skillsEdit

Weights and measures:Edit

Accurately measure the length of time that you boil the eggs

Methods and techniquesEdit

Boil the eggs as instructed

Equipment and appliancesEdit


Research worksheet.pdfDownload and complete the search worksheet and research saucepans.Research log.pdf

Use a saucepan to boil eggs, as in the recipes.



Research worksheet.pdfDownload and complete the search worksheet and research eggs.Research log.pdf

Boil eggs to different hardnesses and observe throughout.

Comment: Look, listen, touch, taste and smell. Touch with fingers but also use lips, tongue and teeth. Feel the very slight springiness of the egg white when cooked to different degrees. Feel the bursting sensation of pushing into the yolk of a perfectly balanced soft boiled egg. Observe the process as well as the product. See and listen to how eggs behave when they are put into boiling water or cold water. Watch, listen to and feel how egg shells crack when they are tapped gently with a spoon or hit hard against a solid surface. It is this thorough observation of foods and how they react to different processes that builds artistry into cooking.

Health and safetyEdit

Make a note on your planning sheet of any health and safety issues, which you have identified in your research and reading, that need to be considered.

Purchasing and budgetingEdit

Product comparison worksheet.pdf

Complete a product comparison sheet each for both eggs and saucepans and decide whether each is needed and is within your budget.

If so, add the chosen items to your shopping list.


Research worksheet.pdf

Search various sources for presentation ideas and record your findings on a search worksheet. Use the ideas gained to present your eggs attractively.


Google images has some pictures of "boiled eggs" as does Wikimedia Commons.

Recording and evaluationEdit

Classeur bleu franc.PNG

Keep your completed worksheets in a file as a record of your completion of this Activity unit. You can also photograph your cooking as it progresses and when it is completed ready for serving.



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