Contemporary Linguistic Analysis

Contemporary Linguistic Analysis

Project info edit

This project introduces you to basic linguistics, the fields of Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Phonetics and Phonology.

This knowledge will help you understand the fundamentals of languages, a skillset you can use to learn any language you want.

Target Audience: Beginner

Requirements: None

Time investment: 10 hrs

Goals edit

  • Learn basic sentence structure
  • Learn basic grammar
  • Learn the sounds of the phonetic alphabet used in English
  • Learn basic contemporary semantic understanding
  • Learn multiple ways that new words are introduced into a language
  • Learn how sounds are made

Linguistic Lectures
  1. Syntax
    1. Syntax1
    2. Syntax2
  2. Semantics
    1. Semantics
  3. Morphology
    1. Morphology
  4. Phonetics
    1. Phonetics
  5. Phonology
    1. Phonology

Semantics: "The study of semantic is concerned with a broad range of phenomena, including the nature of meaning, the role of syntactic structure in the interpretation of sentences, and the effect of pragmatics on the understanding of utterances."[1]

Morphology: "Focused on the structure and formation of words in human language."[1]

Morphemes are the smallest unit of meaning. Syntax: Universal grammar



Phonetics Phonology

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