Concept mapping/Workshop

This page provides materials for a three-hour face-to-face Introduction to Concept Mapping workshop.

Workshop Outline
Also see the
concept map outline
for the workshop

and the main concept mapping page.

Goals Edit

The goal of the workshop is for participants to learn how to create concept maps for communicating and modeling ideas via engaging with:

  1. Theoretical background
  2. Hands-on experience using concept mapping tools

Subpages Edit

Minimal, ungrammatical, ungraphical concept maps
In this wiki environment, you may make a tree of subjects, whether known or knowing, by use of:
  1. a hierarchy of sections
  2. a hierarchy of lists, whether OL(#) or UL(*) tags
  3. a hybrid hierarchy of the above two.
To link beyond the tree structure, you may make use of the NAME property of HTML tags and the <ref> and at last <references /> tags. And you may attempt to put a relational phrase ahead of the subject, as follows:
  • Mother
    • (gave birth to) Son

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