Computer Skills/Intermediate/Graphics

Intermediate graphics concepts include manipulating graphics, gradients, and tools.

Objectives and Skills


Objectives and skills for graphics include:[1]

  • Manipulate graphics: crop
  • Understand use of gradients; patterns; custom colors
  • Manipulate tools: size of paint brush


  1. YouTube: How to Crop a Photo in Microsoft Paint
  2. YouTube: How to Make a Gradient Overlay in MS Paint
  3. YouTube: How to Make a Grayscale Pattern
  4. YouTube: How to Use Custom Colours in MS Paint
  5. YouTube: How to Change Brushes Thickness on MS Paint



These activities may be completed using any drawing or graphics application (Microsoft Paint, Paintbrush, LibreOffice Draw, Google Draw, GIMP, etc.).

  1. Start your graphics application. It should automatically open with a new, blank drawing. If it does not, add a new blank drawing.
  2. Either insert an image into your drawing or paste an image from the clipboard.
  3. Crop the image and save the file.
  4. In a new window, Create custom colors, and then use the colors to create a gradient for a background. Save the file.
  5. In a new window, create a pattern to use to frame the image. Save the file.
  6. Combine the files. Start with the background, add the cropped image, and then the frame. Save the file.
  7. Select a brush to add finishing touches. Alter the brush size and color as you add highlights to your creation. Save the file.

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