Computer Skills/Intermediate/Email

Intermediate email concepts include forwarding and copying emails and adding attachments.


Learners should complete the Basic/Email lesson before starting this lesson.

Objectives and SkillsEdit

Objectives and skills for intermediate email use include:[1]

  • Know how to forward and cc emails
  • Know how to add attachments to email


  1. YouTube: Forward a Message in Gmail
  2. YouTube: How to Forward Emails on Yahoo Mail
  3. YouTube: What Is Cc and Bcc Email? - Email Explained
  4. YouTube: Sending Email With Attachment


  1. Review Gmail: Forward Messages.
  2. Use your email account to forward a message you received to someone else.
  3. Use your email account to send a message to multiple users by using a Cc address.
  4. Review Gmail: Add Attachments.
  5. Use your email account to send an email message with an attachment.

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