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Computer Skills/Basic/Presentations

Simple presentations includes creating a simple slideshow.

Objectives and SkillsEdit

Objectives and skills for simple formatting include:[1]

  • Create simple powerpoint/ other slideshow



These activities may be completed using any presentation application (Microsoft PowerPoint, LibreOffice Impress, Google Presentation, Apple Keynote, etc.):

  1. Start your presentation application. It should automatically open with a new, blank presentation.
  2. Add a title and your name. Title the presentation 'Presentations'.
  3. Add a new slide. Title the slide 'Text'. Add text that describes the text options available in your presentation application.
  4. Add a new slide. Title the slide 'Images'. Add an image to the slide.
  5. Select a theme for your presentation. Apply the theme to all slides.
  6. Check spelling for your presentation.
  7. Save your presentation.
  8. Practice presenting your presentation.
  9. Print your presentation.

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