Computer Architecture Lab/Winter2006/PolzerJahn/Simulator

SISP Instruction SimulatorEdit

The simulator for the SIS Processor is written in C++. It uses the ncurses library for its user interface. Make sure you have the ncurses and ncurses development package installed.

Build instructionsEdit

It can be build using the GNU toolchain:

  1. Download and unpack the archive to a directory on your machine.
  2. Run configure in that directory.
  3. Run make.
  4. Run make install.

The simulator is now ready to use.


To simulate a program simply run:

 sisp_simul inputfile

The input file must contain a SISP program in binary format. To create such a file use our assembler.


You can download the current version of the simulator here.

Version HistoryEdit

 v0.0.1 First public release
 v0.0.2 Correction in the disassemble routine of the ld and st instruction
        Corrected wrong execution behavior of the st instruction

Open IssuesEdit

  • The instructions INP and OUTP are currently not supported.
  • When changing the terminal dimensions while the program is running the layout will become wrong.