Computer Architecture Lab/SS2020

Group 1Edit

  • Szabolcs Hornyák s196713

Neural Network Accelerator Github repository:

Group 2Edit

  • Kendall Price s196449
  • Simone Bystadhagen s191772

Roll Your Own Microprocessor

Group 3Edit

  • Gabriel Cobos Tello s186468
  • Elvis Ferreira s190395
  • Mariya Tacheva s193275

Pipelined 32-bit RISC-V microprocessor for space applications.

Group 4Edit


  • Antoine Sébert s193508

Title & SummaryEdit

Rust Compiler for Patmos

Rust is a new language designed for safe concurrency and also optimized for small embedded systems ( Patmos is an open-source processor optimized for real-time systems ( The distribution of Patmos contains an LLVM based C compiler. And Rust is based on LLVM. The bachelor project is on combining the Rust frontend of LLVM with the backend for Patmos.

Git RepositoryEdit

Group 5Edit

  • Kishan Suchet Palani s192120

Accelerator Interface for Patmos

Group 6Edit

  • Zixuan Li s192169
  • Rui Huang s181405

Network-on-Chip in Chisel

Git RepositoryEdit

Group 7Edit

  • Andreas Gramstrup Correia s153498

Floating-Point Unit for Patmos

Group 8Edit

  • Ragnar Sandberg Mikkelsen

Porting TinyOS to the Patmos processor

Group 9Edit

  • David Risom Pedersen s164872

SD card interface to Patmos