Computer Architecture Lab/SS2019

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Group 1Edit

Christos Gkiokas s182348

Triple Core Lockstep for Patmos


Group 2Edit

SDRAM controller for the DE2-115 in chisel.

David Pedersen s164872

Group 3Edit

Floating point unit for Patmos, including add, sub, mul and div instructions.

Magnus Høegh Jensen s144052

Mathias Braagaard s144050

Thomas Møller Elbo s144825


Group 4Edit

Project description

VGA Controller/Connector

The project will try to create a "terminal" for PATMOS. This means that the implementation has to be written in Chisel 2. The "terminal" will show text, that is coming from either the PATMOS processor or the UART interface.

Github page:

Group Members:

Anders Møller Struck s143217

Mads Kring Jakobsen s190187

Group 5Edit

DSP Accelerator Including implementation of Biquad filters as well as an at-the-time unknown additional effect.

Rasmus Tinndahn s144002

Jacob Hebsgaard Jessen s153427

Nicolai Wejs Hansen s154662


Group 6Edit

Applications of LFSRs: Random Number generator in a Magic 8 Ball and A5/1 Stream Cipher in Patmos

Lauren Kosub s186193
Matthew Kaminow s186223


Group 7Edit

SD card connector, including same software to read and write files

SD Host Controller

Enrico Tolotto S190057

Rui Huang s181405

Anton Mølbjerg Eskildsen s190096

Group 8Edit

The Importance of Physical Interaction in Computer Science

Ghennadie Mazin s160074

Group 9Edit

Advanced Encryption Standard in Patmos

Peter Fischer s140436

Mathias Mortensen s144450

The source code is currently located in a fork of the patmos repo on github. Therein a branch has been created "feat/aes".

Main link:


C Program: