Computational fluid dynamics

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CFD Simulation of the fairing aerodynamics of an éco-mobile (velomobile).

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All those CFD enthusiasts out there.. Lets start a new CFD course which will meet every requirement that has to be met...

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Wake Vortex Study at Wallops Island The air flow from the wing of this agricultural plane is made visible by a technique that uses colored smoke rising from the ground. The swirl at the wingtip traces the aircraft's wake vortex, which exerts a powerful influence on the flow field behind the plane. Because of wake vortex, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires aircraft to maintain set distances behind each other when they land. A joint NASA-FAA program aimed at boosting airport capacity, however, is aimed at determining conditions under which planes may fly closer together. NASA researchers are studying wake vortex with a variety of tools, from supercomputers to wind tunnels to actual flight tests in research aircraft. Their goal is to fully understand the phenomenon, then use that knowledge to create an automated system that could predict changing wake vortex conditions at airports. Pilots already know, for example, that they have to worry less about wake vortex in rough weather because windy conditions cause them to dissipate more rapidly.

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EXAMPLE For a source contaminant concentration   entering a flow of velocity   at a distance   upstream from a point, the downstream concentration   at that point is determined by the ratio...


Where...   is the local dispersion coefficient determined by  

and where friction velocity is  

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  • Physical Properties of the Oceans
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