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Mechanics of Composite Materials

The industries of aircraft, automobile, biomedical and energy production, as well as many others have increased their usage of high strength and stiffness, low density and cost composite materials, which are engineered materials made of at least two materials with significantly different physical and/or chemical properties; literally taking the best from both. This course is an introduction to the mechanics of the performance and properties of composite materials.

The Mechanics of Composite Materials' course is three-fold in purpose; it can be used for the disciplined student who can learn independently at comfortable pace, the teacher who can utilize the lessons and resources either exclusively or selectively tailoring to their own course itinerary, and for the groups who wish to work on and research the project collectively.

  • Lesson No. 1: Introduction to Composite Materials
  • Lesson No. 2
  • Lesson No. 3
  • Lesson No. 4
  • Lesson No. 5
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  • Lesson No. 7
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Commercial Aircrafts' typically utilize substantial amounts of composite materials including glass/epoxy/aluminum, namely in the wings and the fuselage.

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