Comparing history plays with history

The purpose of this page is to compare history plays with his events reported in history books.

English history edit

Examples of played based on English history include those of William Shakespeare.

King John edit

King Richard II edit

King Henry IV edit

King Henry V edit

King Henry VI edit

King Richard III edit

King Henry VIII edit

King Edward IV edit

Thomas Heywood wrote two plays on Edward IV, parts 1 and 2.

Mary Stuart edit

Friedrich Schiller wrote Mary Stuart.

French history edit

Several plays in English deal with French history. See French history in the English-speaking theatre.

Joan of Arc edit

William Shakespeare's Henry VI, part 1 concerns part of the story of Joan of Arc (1412–1431). The 19th centory drmatist Tom Taylor wrote Jeanne d'Arc (1871) based on her life, as did 20th century authors Percy MacKaye with Jeanne d'Arc (1906) and George Bernard Shaw with Saint Joan (1923).

Napoleon edit

German history edit

Friedrich Schiller wrote a trilogy on Wallenstein.

Mary Stuart edit

Spanish history edit

Italian history edit