Comparative Mythology/Introduction

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Summary edit

Participants in "Introduction to Comparative Mythology" create and participate in course for a brief introduction to the field of comparative mythology. Various learning projects will be made and used to help others understand comparative mythology.

Prerequisites edit

  • This is an introductory course and there are no prerequisites except a willingness to learn.

Goals edit

The goals of this course are as follows:

  1. Be able to clearly define comparative mythology.
  2. Learn about the different approaches to comparative mythology.
  3. Learn about some of the standard parallels between the myths of different cultures.
  4. Learn about some of the widespread recurring themes and plot elements of myths.

Learning materials and learning projects are located in the main Wikiversity namespace. Simply make a link to the name of the lesson (lessons are independent pages in the main namespace) and start writing!

Remember, Wikiversity has adopted the "learning by doing" model for education. Lessons should center on learning activities for Wikiversity participants. We learn by doing.

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