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Welcome to the Wikiversity Community Medicine learning project, part of the Basic sciences Division of the School of Medicine.

The Wikiversity Department of Community Medicine is currently seeking both motivated students as well as experts and instructors to contribute to the department's development and to define its major areas of research and study.

The objective of the department is two fold:

  1. Gather experts who are interested in collaborating on or contributing to the development of top-notch Community Medicine based textbooks for Wikibooks or who are also interested in creating and hosting classes.
  2. Guide students of all backgrounds and levels to a greater understanding of Community Medicine.

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Introduction edit

Welcome to the Community Medicine learning project within the School of Medicine here at Wikiversity! Everything is under construction so please feel free to join in and help!

Description edit

Community Medicine is that branch of medicine concerned with the health of populations. The Community Medicine specialist uses population health knowledge and skills to play leading and collaborative roles in the maintenance and improvement of the health and well-being of the community. Through inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral partnerships, the Community Medicine specialist measures the health needs of populations and develops strategies for improving health and well-being, through health promotion, disease prevention and health protection.[1]

The Community Medicine specialist demonstrates skills in leadership; development of public policy; design, implementation and evaluation of health programs and applies them to a broad range of community health issues. [2]

Core curriculum edit

In order to form a good basic understanding of Community Medicine, it is recommended that students visit.

Courses/Projects Currently Offered edit

Courses currently being offered by the Department of Community Medicine:

Planned Courses/Projects edit

  • ...

Requested Courses/Projects edit

These are topics that have been requested and are considered high priority for the Department. Please start or expand these projects if you are familiar with the topic area!

Degree plans edit

  • Pending… we will probably start Master's of Public Health See: Degree plan

Sessions edit

Session 1: Basic Principles and Concepts
Session 1 will focus on the fundamental concepts of community medicine.
/Session 2 Session 2: History of Medicine
Session 2 focuses on the course of history of medicine.
Session 3: Primary Health Care
Session 3 will focus on the fundamental concepts of Primary Health Care.

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