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1 True or False, The relation between a linguistic expression and its expresser is a part of pragmatics.


2 Name an art synonym for grouping.

3 An apparent sign that may be an expression of a thought is a?

4 True or False, “The fact that a group is egoistic and dominant proves that it is well formed and that it approaches the make-up of a man.”


5 Yes or No, You are in the middle of an open field of beautifully colored, pleasantly smelling, edible wildflowers. You've just picked one and are now munching on it. You feel you are being watched. You gesture a universal sign of "I won't hurt you, unless you try to hurt me." while turning around. Is pragmatics involved in your situation?


6 Which of the following is likely to be in a control group for assessing a pragmatics?

one or more relations
an accepted set of formats for signs
a liquid nitrogen dewar
an active speaker
a possible artifact
a wide temperature range for respondent stability

7 True or False, The use of dominant groups by Charles Darwin in his Origin of species is the first definitive use of the term.


8 The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar is an astronomical document produced to help astronomers for what purpose?

predict the end of the Earth
determine the accuracy of local computers
accurately predict the equinoxes
demonstrate that Venus was once a comet
predict when currently dormant volcanoes will erupt
demonstrate that the local pyramids were built by aliens

9 True or False, A dominant group in a society may result in an unequal distribution of resources.


10 On 19 May 1910, the Earth actually passed through the tail of what comet.

11 Interactions with dominant group members that provide infants with the raw material for recognizing variation in food quality are from what subfield.

12 True or False, Five institutions whose scholars published the most articles in two major periodicals may be a dominant group.


13 Which of the following is not a studied characteristic of the early history of astronomy?

the North Polar region
the first celestial globe
trained observers of today are different from the observers of antiquity

14 "El Caracol" is an observatory at Chichen Itza, Mexico, serving at the very least as an observation


15 Psychiatry contains which of the following characteristics of a dominant group?

improved in their performance on verbal tests employed
social disadvantage
spends much time reflecting on nondominant group colleagues
clinical psychologists

16 Complete the text:

Pragmatics is an approach to


17 The study of place names, their origins, meanings, use and typology is called

18 Etymology is the study of the history of the origin, change of form and meaning over time of



  1. A dominant group is almost never humane.

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