College Mathematics/Logic and Sets

Logic and Sets

Objectives and Skills edit

Objectives and skills for the logic and sets portion of CLEP College Mathematics include:[1]

  • Logical operations and statements: conditional statements, conjunctions, disjunctions, negations, hypotheses, logical conclusions, converses, inverses, counterexamples, contrapositives, logical equivalence
  • Set relationships, subsets, disjoint sets, equality of sets, and Venn diagrams
  • Operations on sets: union, intersection, and complement
  • Applications

Readings edit

  1. Wikipedia: Boolean algebra
  2. Wikipedia: Set (mathematics)

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Activities edit

  1. Complete the Ryan's Tutorials: Boolean Algebra tutorial.
  2. Review the following MathsIsFun resources and complete the questions at the bottom of each page:
    • Sets
    1. Introduction to Sets
    2. Sets and Venn Diagrams

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