Collaborative play writing/French chronicles of the 1590s

French chronicles of the 1590s

based on Pierre de L'Estoile's "Journal in the reign of King Henry IV of France"

Dramatic characters (20)

Charles of Lorraine, duke of Mayenne

Charles of Lorraine, duke of Guise

Charles of Lorraine, duke of Aumale

Duke of Feria

Pierre d'Epinac, archbishop of Lyon

Renaud de Beaune, archbishop of Bourges

Maxime Durepain, shopkeeper

Louise, wife to Durepain

Blanchefleur, niece to Durepain

Bévue, herald

Aubry, curate of Saint-Andrew-of-the-Arts

Lincestre, curate of Saint-Gervais

Bailleton, beadle

Brin, sexton

Fouterien, stable-boy

Benoît, schoolboy

Barrière, assassin

Three parishioners

Attendants, servants, a donkey

Time: 16th century

Place: France