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Verbs Used in the Cognitive Domain edit

Here is a brief description of each level of Bloom's Taxonomy of the Cognitve Domain which includes a short list of cognitive action verbs, a performance phrase, and a measurement strategy. The external links at the end provide access to more information concerning verbs for each cognitive domain.

Knowledge edit

Knowledge is the lowest level in the cognitive domain. It involves the recall or remembering of information that was previously learned. The information could be a fact, concept, procedure, or principle.

Knowledge Verb Verb Phrase Measurement Strategies
Match Match the President with their political party Matching Test
Recite Recite the Preamble to the Constitution Oral Presentation
Label Label the countries in Central America Fill-in-the-Blank (Map of Central America)

Comprehension edit

Comprehension is defined as the ability to grasp the meaning of material. This may be shown by translating material from one form to another (words to numbers), by interpreting material (explaining or summarizing), and by estimating future trends (predicting consequences or effects).

Comprehension Verb Verb Phrase Measurement Strategies
Describe Describe the ADDIE instructional design process Written Essay or Oral Presenation
Summarize Summarize the main idea of the article Written Essay or Oral Presentation
Explain Explain Schank's Goal-Based Scenarios Written Essay or Oral Presentation

Application edit

Application refers to the ability to use learned material in new and concrete situations. This may include the application of such things as rules, methods, concepts, principles, laws, and theories. Learning outcomes in this area require a higher level of understanding than those under comprehension.

Application Verb Verb Phrase Measurement Strategies
Calculate Calculate the interest and principal for a 30 year loan Short Answer, Written Calculations
Demonstrate Demonstrate universal precautions for bloodborne pathogens Role-Play scenario
Apply Apply Heinrich's Legacy Model of Accident Causation Case Study

Practice and Feedback edit

Now let's practice identifying verbs for the knowledge, comprehension, and application levels of the cognitive domain. Choose the correct answer for each question below by clicking a box. At the end, click the Submit button for the correct answers.


1 Which of the following is a performance verb for knowledge?


2 Which of the following is a performance verb for comprehension?


3 Which of the following is a performance verb for application?


How did you do?
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References and Writing Aids edit

Two tables that may be used as writing aids for learning objectives. They contain Bloom's Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain with several performance verbs.

(1) Bloom's Cognitive Domain and Action Verbs

(2) Table of Cognitive Verbs

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