Clouds are part of the weather. You can see clouds during daytime and at night. They are made of tiny droplets of water. Clouds are grouped according to the color and shape. They are

  • Nimbus clouds
  • Cumulus clouds
  • Stratus clouds
  • Cirrus clouds

See related High Pressure and Low Pressure

Prefixes edit

  • Alto- meaning middle
  • Cirro- meaning high
  • -Nimbo meaning produces precipitation

Clouds edit

Nimbus edit

Cumulonimbus Clouds
  • Low in the sky
  • Dark grey in color
  • Bring heavy rains mostly with thunder
  • They look like mountains

Cumulus edit

Cumulus Clouds
  • Vertical clouds
  • Round at the top
  • Flat at the bottom
  • Low, puffy [cotton ball-like], white clouds
  • High in the sky
  • Sign of fine weather

Stratus edit

Stratus clouds
  • Low in the sky
  • Uniform horizontal layers
  • Grey in color
  • Brings light rains
  • Layers of even sheets in the sky

Cirrus edit

Cirrus Clouds
  • Thin, soft and white clouds
  • High in the sky
  • Look like strings/shorten puffs in the air
  • Cause halo around the sun or moon

[Halo is a ring of light around the sun or moon]

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