Classified Kingdoms/Animalia

How is the Animalia Kingdom different from Kingdoms?Edit

See below info.

Enemies (Threats)Edit

Each and every animal in the Animalia Kingdom is a predator, an enemy to different animals inside the Animalia Kingdom. An example is a Cat eating a mouse and a Tiger eating an Antelope, they are all animals. We are also Animals! Yes, us! We are the most intelligent animals, we usually eat different meats (cow, pig, sheep, goat etc.).


Different Animals have different habitats, such as a tiger living in the open deserts or forests, and a whale living in the water.

Picture or Physical Description (include color)Edit

  • A tiger having black and white stripes.
  • A moose, black or brown with huge horns.


Different animals have different cravings, so that we don't always need a tiger and another animal as an example, different animals are classified:

  • Herbivores, animals who eat plants only, some examples are Panda and a Grasshopper (most of the time).
  • Omnivore, animals that eat plants and animals, an example is us Humans!
  • Carnivores, animals that eat only animals, an example are tigers.

Specialized Body PartsEdit

Different animals have different body parts, like tiger has claws and we have hands!


Different animals in the Animalia Kingdom have different movements. One example is that tigers walk with arms and feet, while fish have fins to swim. The tiger and the fish have different ways of moving around in their environment.