User:Super Quantum immortal/Chinese learning technology

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implementation of ideas from Future of language (User:Super Quantum immortal)


Plan to modify a pinyin Chinese input program, by replacing the Chinese sounds with English.

example: if you type ren, the program gives you 人 with the modification if you type human, the program gives you 人 In practice, i think i'll take the dictionaries of characterizer and replace the dictionary of ibus (UNIX)

DONE it works

if you are on UNIX download the file and run the commands in the same path

ibus-table-createdb -n ./englishized.db -s englishized.txt

sudo cp ./englishized.db /usr/share/ibus-table/tables/englishized.db

and restart ibus and reconfigure it.

the ibus English-chinese table(User:Super Quantum immortal) (need more work) the ibus English-chinese table 1000 (User:Super Quantum immortal) (from scrach, 1000 most frequent English words)


add etymology in perapera pop up dictionary add on

HOW? Is there a free Chinese etymology resource i can use?


An other idea, is to replace Chinese fonts with "improved" characters. There's no problem since you don't have to actually write them by hand. You can personalize the input method per above.

  1. Just put the English word in its place. Yea, its a bit dull, but can be scripted.
  2. More interestingly, replace it with an old form of the character(Seal Bronze Oracle etc). Meaning, use the original pictures.
  3. Latter, when svg fonts will be available, it will go to full color.
  4. An other possibility is to totaly invent new ones, to what ever is most intuitive to the user. But respect the Unicode standard meaning.


A sample image-ideograms dictionary. The 100 most frequent English worlds.

Idea for the partially sighted Colored alphabet for the partially sighted (User:Super Quantum immortal)

An other idea is to completely anglicize the fonts in Unicode. Can be scripted