This learning project is about chain mail. It is also called chainmaille, chain maille, or simply mail or maille. Armor, jewelry, sculptures, clothing, and more can be made with chain maille. The construction of these items has many things in common, such as how to make rings, how to properly open and close them, and how to assemble patterns, known as weaves. Differences will be in the material used, the size and gauge of the jump rings, and shape that is built with the rings.



Because of the nature of the materials and tools used, it can be dangerous to make chain mail. Be sure to take proper precautions for using the tools you choose. You are the only person responsible for what happens while making chain mail.



The project will assume no knowledge. You will need rings, which you can make yourself or buy from specialty suppliers. You will also need two pairs of pliers. The type of pliers you choose will depend on which metals you wish to work with. Softer materials and colored rings should be worked with toothless pliers, or pliers with a soft coating. Hard materials are better gripped by toothed pliers, and will not be marred by them. The minimum equipment and supplies can be acquired at low cost.


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  • Great Wire Jewelry: Projects & Techniques ISBN 1-57-990093-3

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