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Company-sponsored day care center policyEdit


This policy is meant to guarantee the availability of all-day care for the children of all employees up to school age.

Corporate volunteeringEdit

  1. The employer must make sure that employees can send their children to a day care center for a minimal fee at most, which must not exceed 2.5% of the minimum income, but preferably no fee at all.
  2. The employer may offer a company day care center in the company or placements in public day care centers. In any case the employer should ensure adequate certification of the day care center through independent and trusted certification agencies.

Educational measuresEdit

  1. The employer should ensure adequate parent education is offered to all employees, however that parent education is provided.
  2. The employer should ensure that the staff of day care centers is adequately educated and is subject to continuing education measures.
  3. The children should receive education and entertainment as appropriate for their development stage in the day care center, including training for social and cognitive development.