Catalogue 22/Dinner By the River

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Dinner By the River

Designer: Jessica Hickling
Degree: B. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2009
Location of Project: Rideau River at Carleton University
Project Status: Built

“Sugar Spice and Everything Ice” a group design build project collaboration to design a temporary pavilion in order to serve food and drink to our critics. The sense of temporary was emphasized by our bold choice of material. Almost half of the structure was made out of ice illuminated with candles and battery powered lights. The central element is the fire cooking surface with an ice ring around it where the caramelized apples were prepared then served on ice cream in a tule cup. Seating was constructed by stacking and clamping newspapers together to create a recycled and quite comfortable seating arrangement. The use of light, smoke, ice and fog combined allowed us to create a pavilion which connected to the river site and the temporary nature of the project.