Catalogue 22/Cultural Centre for Immigration - Slow City

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Cultural Centre for Immigration

Designer: Jaclyn Squizzato
Degree: B. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2010
Location of Project: Albert Street and Lyon Street N
Project Status: Unbuilt

By recognizing the visual grid on which the city operates, a grid built for automobile, “Slow City” counteracts the urban instinct of speed by establishing its own unique axis. This axis encourages circular movement around the architecture, promoting the exploration of material textures and environment. “Slow City” architecture was built with the intention to establish its own unique rhythm within the city. With the large scale rhythm emphasis being placed in the floor plates, down to the stairs on the small¬est scale, “Slow City” is a symphony of the interaction between pace, space, and void which in combination create architecture. The central void which vertically separates the two sectors of “Slow City” acts to further emphasize the tempo of this architecture. By contrasting the condensed space of the triangular residences and celebrated sector with the open central void, a heightened awareness of the negative and positive relationships in architecture are created.