Catalogue 22/Artist Exploration

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Artist Exploration in Light

Designer: Sammy Benalia
Degree: B. Architecture
School: Carleton University
Year: 2013
Location of Project: Carleton University
Project Status: Built

My studio project was an analysis of my assigned Chuck Close. Chuck Close is a modernist American portrait painter. He would paint portraits on a mega-scale using his signature grid. We were assigned a material and through our artist explorations and analysis we had to develop a model. My model focuses on the notion of perception, the self and the grid within Close's Work. The different plexiglass shapes present throughout the laser cut grid function as a distorted viewport. At it's core the model performs the simple function of changing the perception of a subject using plexiglass and a grid. Additionally, because the placement of the plexiglass was determined with the help of a self-portrait it's shadow seems to be that of a face. Interestingly, because not every piece of plexiglass is flat but at an angle we end up with a "third" shadow of light.