Caregiving and dementia/E-learning

Caregiving and dementia - E-learning

E-learning (online learning modules and resources) about dementia and dementia care for health professionals.

Dementia Training Study Centres edit

These online training modules and resources were developed by the DTSCs in Australia:

  1. Online training modules for health professionals:
    1. Time for dementia virtual education centre (Modules)
    2. Dementia education online (Modules)
  2. Lectures (Online video recordings)
  3. Knowledge transfer workshops
  4. Online traing modules for specific aspects and professions:
    1. Assessment and management of confusion in the acute care setting with a focus on delirium (Modules)
    2. Dementia: Osborne Park Hospital Guide for Occupational Therapists in Clinical Practice: (Guide) DTSC | Curtin

E-Ageing edit

"e-Ageing: An online interactive, case based, interprofessional self-directed suite of learning modules including dementia" is an online training resource developed by the Western Australian Centre for Health and Ageing (WACHA) and partially funded by the WA Dementia Training Study Centre in Australia: See