Camera Disassembly

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Week1 Narrative edit

I have been given a minolta sr-t 201 35mm camera with the objective of deconstructing it as far as possible without damaging any of its function.


For starters, let's figure out what functions the camera currently has, before I start removing anything.

1:The shutter. A two piece black sheet to keep the film from being exposed at any time other than when it is meant to. When the camera is wound, it draws both sheets back together, and when the picture-taking button is pressed, it releases one of the sheets, exposing the film, and after the time set by the shutter speed dial, the second drops back into place, cutting off the light again.

2: Shutter speed dial. Sets how long the film is exposed for, including a manual exposure setting (press, open shutter, release, close) You can also pull the dial up and set a number in a small window, but I am unsure what that does at this time. I also note a servo-like sound when switching between manual and 1s, and it happens even without the small button battery (which I presume dead, but you never know)

3: Film advance lever. Primes the system and winds all the springs for taking the photo. kinda the central component in my eyes

4: The actual film advance. physically winds the film to draw the new film and wind up the used film

5: Film box winder. When you are done with a roll of film, you wind it back up into the canister and pull the wheel up to open the case and retrieve your film. A very simple and independent component

6: Timer. Turn this piece to be horizontal after the camera is wound up, and it will automatically take a picture after the timer winds out.

7: lens release? As far as I can tell, it only actuates a small catch that would let the lens be twisted off

8: ??? it rotates the black ring around the lense. it is spring loaded to return to it's position. range of motion: current position, rotates to #7

9: ??!? Visibly actuates a small plastic triangle that is also moved when the shutter is sprung

10: Rewind button? A button inlaid on the bottom of the camera, pops back up when the camera is wound by #3 Only visible observations: prevents part of #4 from turning for about half of the wind cycle.

11: I'm guessing this is the flash setting. Don't see any changes in performance on different settings. Don't know what B.C. means

Link to associated CDIO documents.

I do not yet understand what constitutes as a CDIO doccument, how to make, find, or utilize them. will be a resource looked into for future projects

Before The camera broke, I shot a video of the main mechanism winding and resetting

Week2 Narrative edit


Once I actually started taking things apart, I was amazed with the intricate complexities of the device. So many small parts and interesting solutions to odd mechanical needs.

Below is the chronologically ordered process of disassembly with descriptions.

The problem that I ran into was that I tried winding the camera after I removed some of the support components, and it popped out the mirror assembly... Curiously enough my team mate did not have the same issue when he disassembled his face plate.

I tried to get it back together, but I fear that something clicked into place such that it is unfeasible to get functioning again. None the less learned a lot about the function of the camera through the deconstruction, and would be able to take it further if I had the opportunity to do it again