CSS/Exam Questions


The following questions are to help you identify where you need more work or...

The questions are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced sections.

Beginner edit

  1. Write the CSS rule to achieve the following:
    1. Set the text colour of all paragraphs to #333333.
    2. Set the default fonts for your page to Arial as your first preference and Sans Serif as your second
    3. Set all h2 elements to use the size 2em
  2. Which CSS rule would make the content of the first division alone blue?

<style> p{ color:#333333;} </style>

  <p>Here's an intro</p>
  <div id="content">
    <p>Here's my content</p>
  <div id="discontent">
    <p>I want to be blue too</p>

Intermediate edit

  1. What is the CSS selector used to select every element on the page (and why should you be careful using it?)
  2. Explain the values of the CSS display property (quite hard!)
  3. Discuss the pros and cons of a fixed-width layout versus a flexible layout.

Advanced edit

  1. Identify 2 new properties that were introduced with CSS2
  2. Identify 2 new properties that should be introduced with CSS3