COVID-19/Workflow Transformation/Primary Schools

Beside the consideration of general advice and recommendations of national publich health agencies (like open windows more often to exchange the air inside a room) some school specific workflow transformations can be considered in schools.

From Epidemiological Recommendation to Implementation


Assume that the epidemiological recommendation from centers of disease control is to keep a minimal distance between childrens in school. National governmental regulations/centres for disease control define the framework for implementations in school. Assume the epidemiological recommendation of keeping spatial distance between children is the epidemioligical recommendation. The implementation in Primary Schools may vary a bit due to the local requirements and constraints.

Learning Tasks

Pair of Scissors - Similarities of Safety Rules
  • (Requirements and Constraints) What is necessary to establish epidemiological risk mitigation in Primary Schools? What are the constraints?
  • (Set of Rules - News) Assume children learnt basic principles for improved safety. Is the precautionary principle and a consistent set of rules important, that the children in school feel safe? What is the consequence if children see adults that do not respect those rules! Children are exposed to news directly or indirectly by conversation of with and among adults? High numbers of cases can create fear! How can rules and comprehension of rules mitigate fear or would you prefer as teacher just to communicate the rules without explaining, why the rules are necessary? Distinguish between ages of children!
  • (Age and Presentation of Topics) What is the difference between young children and older children to understand epidemiological principles?
  • (Risk Management) How could you treat the topic in schools without creating fear? Could you compare the epidemiological measures with principles of safety when children are exposed to traffic on road? What else can you use as examples for the children to explain and compare safety measure (wearing masks) with other safety measures in using tools or technical infrastructure? Collect examples and share them with the Wikiversity community in the following item list:
    • knifes, pair of scissors, tools, ...
    • children using computers, smartphones, ...
    • ...



The following imagss show how distancing on the school yard can be supported by paintings. Measuring the distance is a learning task in mathematics education, so the epidemiological requirements can also be integrated in the learning subjects in school.

Waiting on a Flower before entering School

Distance and Markers on a School Yard

Translation: "Bitte auf einer Blume warten" - "Please, wait on a flower"

Routing at the entrance of Primary School


Routing at the entrance to schoolyard - Support distancing for primary school childrens

Routing and "Traffic" Management inside and outside School

Translation: "Herzlich willkommen" - "Cordial welcome"

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Special thanky to the head of the primary school Mrs. Baumstark in Wolfartsweier, Karlsruhe Germany[1] for allowing to take the pictures for this learning resource.


  1. School Homepage of Primary School Wolfartsweier - Karlsruhe - Germany (2020) URL: (access 2020/06/25)