COVID-19/Summary of All COVID-19 Projects

There are many problems caused by COVID-19. All projects need solve at least one of the problems. There are 6 main objectives for COVID-19 projects. The subpage of the learning resource is based on resources of a Hackathons[1]

Reduce spread edit

Risk Literacy edit

Increase knowledge and awareness (see Risk Literacy)

  1. Tracking
    1. Functions: Record -> Aggregate -> Visualize -> Data Analyze and Predict -> Warn -> High-level Predict -> Prepare
    2. Record
      1. Number of cases and their location (dead/confirmed/ tested/ suspicious/recovered)
      2. Movement profiles of the infected
        1. How: Record the movement profiles (for past 2 weeks). Release them when tested positive for COVID-19:
          1. An app that allows users to "log in" and "out" places automatically, when they enter/leave that place (using mobile devices)
          2. An app that uses barcode/bluetooth/NFC/WLAN to record all contacts within a certain range locally (using mobile devices), when confirmed , only release info to those contacted people.
          3. An app records transaction data/ contact history/ GPS info (from google/ telcos)
          4. Self-report status("unsafe"/"suspected corona" or "cold symptoms"/"cured")/locations/historical movement (note: this is related to "test". It can combine with a system deducing the percentage of infection.)
        2. Type:
          1. Voluntary/ compulsory
          2. Done by government (e.g. South Korea)/ by non-profit organizations
          3. Release the info to the public/ Only release it to friends/contacts
          4. Centralized/ non-centralized
    3. Aggregate and Visualize
      1. Possible classification of data: (per county/ industry/ demographic group/ medical personnel etc)
      2. Output Type:
        1. A fast/ encrypted (or not)/ machine-readable report/ database
        2. A hot spot/ real time map
        3. Graphs
        4. API
    4. Data Analyze and Predict:
      1. What to achieve: deduce possible disease cluster/ infection chain/ trend/ estimated unreported cases
      2. How: AI / Other Machine Learning models/ Traditional statistical models/ SIR model
      3. Sources of data: info from telcos/ data about people with cold symptoms/ Number of cases/ Movement profile etc
      4. Visualization with extrapolation of future possible results (pessimistic/ optimistic)
    5. Warn:
      1. Using SMS to inform people who have contacted with the infected/ or the people nearby
    6. Example: IBM Plague Tracker/ MS Geolife GPS trajectories Data Set
  2. Increase Awareness
    1. Info that can be shared:
      1. Facts about the disease (fight fake news): symptoms/ pathological mechanism/ test procedure/ treatment/ prevention method/ correct methods to use medical supplies...etc
      2. Contact details (hospitals/ government/ companies/ emergency/ foreign affairs)
      3. Public strategies with reasons (shared by governments)
      4. New rules of conduct (for different groups: culture/religion/age/professions/language)
      5. News
      6. Possible negative or positive predictions
    2. Criteria for transferring knowledge: quickly/clearly/simple/up-to-date
    3. Different methods for transferring knowledge:
      1. Entertainment: Music videos(Vietnam)/ online games/ virtual quizzes (can form groups)/ Websites collecting memes, jokes and drawings about COVID-19 (e.g.
      2. Online platform:
        1. A platform sharing links/videos/news/facts -> everyone has a list of selected items to share
        2. A crowdsourcing platform
        3. Platforms that answer common questions by professionals.
          1. A forum where ppl can ask questions related to COVID-19 -> can vote up,down/ comment;
          2. Or the questions can be obtained from Google or news publishers (from Google Search Console)
      3. real-time communication
        1. A hotline/ volunteer calls
        2. An interactive chatbot providing all info about COVID-19 (can use AI and IVR system) (e.g. IBM Watson Assistant)
      4. Other methods:
        1. A simulation showing how many ppl may be infected by you if you leave the home with COVID-19
        2. Influencers/ local companies
      5. Fight fake news
        1. A plug-in/ app/ bot for fact-checking using simple words, possibly using AI (e.g. BotSentinel)
        2. Fake news filter (e.g. Facebook)
        3. Guidelines for how to share info on social media (e.g.
      6. Transfer important info to the vulnerable (old/ ill/ rural)
        1. Problem: Many ppl don't have digital life
          • Solution: TV/ paper/ hotline/ SMS/ easy to use software
        2. Problem: Identify/ Inform ppl they are vulnerable
          • Solution: Insurance companies can use their data to sms/email those vulnerable ppl

Infection Control edit

The main goal for infection control is to flatten the curve.

  1. Social Distancing
    1. Separate infected and non-infected people in a shared flat
      • Solution: Exchange flats for a short term, so that the infected can live in the same place
    2. Change original behavioral patterns
      1. An app that asks questions/ monitors GPS -> help ppl find their behavioral weakness and room for improvement
      2. Campaigns and daily challenges (e.g. record and share videos/ through social networks/ submitted via the app) (e.g. We the people for the Global Goals:
      3. A system that divides ppl into 2 groups: those must work outside/ should not go out
        1. Give points/goodies to them if they do as expected
        2. Use GPS to measure distance between ppl
        3. Possibly gamify the app (e.g. Pokemon Go)
      4. Make indoor activities interesting
        1. An interesting game introducing COVID-19 (e.g. Plague-Inc) (note: related to "Increase Awareness"-> "Entertainment")
        2. Bringing together ppl with similar interest (note: related to "mental health")
        3. Indoor sports (note: related to "physical health")
    3. Problem: How ppl under quarantine/ at risk get goods
      • Solution: A food delivery system/ mutual aid group that prevent infection
    4. Problem: Mental problem due to loneliness
    5. Problem: If there are curfews, how can a person be temporarily authorized to leave home to provide for others
      • Solution: A mobile/ web app for vulnerable ppl to appoint their helpers
  2. Personal Hygiene
    1. knowledge about masks (note: related to "medical equipment")
    2. Wear masks/ wash hands
  3. Public Hygiene
    1. Identify hygiene traps that may increase infection rate
      1. Solution: A platform where we can upload pictures and descriptions about areas of hygiene traps
    2. Disinfect infectious contact points (e.g. supermarkets/hospitals/delivering parcels...)
  4. Identify who is recovered and who is infected (note: related to "test")
    1. Why: the recovered can contact the risky/ move around freely
    2. How:
      1. An automated digital triage (chatbot, SMS-bot, telephone system with question tree) to select suspected cases
      2. Mass testing
  5. Decision making
    1. Use big data to deduce the effectiveness/ economic impact of different preventive measures used by different regions
    2. A platform where everyone/companies can update their current/estimated economic loss
    3. An AI based system to give advice for functioning of electricity/ water/ transport/ food /security/health care etc
    4. Make timely plans with both global and local insights

Maintain medical services edit

Medical equipment and facilities edit

Resource Management edit

  1. Stakeholders: authorities, associations, experts, service providers, hospitals
  2. Resources/Info Type (available and used):
    1. Medical equipment: gloves, masks, protective gowns, goggles, disinfectants, test toolkits, ventilators
    2. Medical Facilities: beds, patients transportation
    3. Medical Staff: doctors (including reservists, those for consulting firms), nurses, helpers
    4. Patients: (predicted) suspected, confirmed, ICU cases
    5. Finance
  3. Problem:
    1. Too many (suspected) patients waiting for test and treatment
    2. Insufficient medical resources
    3. Bad medical resource allocation
    4. Data protection
  4. Solution Workflow: Communicate -> Summarize -> Analyze and Prioritize -> Coordinate/ Use the data
  5. Communicate
    1. A common communication network for all stakeholders
    2. A special communication tool for medical staff/ stations, sharing picture/videos/ voice messages/lab data securely (e.g. Join)
    3. A communication method for the general public to contact different stakeholders easily
  6. Summarize
    1. What: all hospitals,manufacturers resource and manpower/ patients' info
    2. Input: Google sheet/ website form/ uploaded by appointed helpers
    3. Output: Database/ website/ app/ map
    4. Type:
      1. Confidential Version: for hospitals' use, may contain patients' info or other private data
      2. Public Version: For the general public/ outsiders to provide help
  7. Analyze and Prioritize
    1. How: AI/ resource managers
  8. Coordinate
    1. Exchange/ allocation of Resources (between different health sectors/ donation from the public)
    2. Voluntary help
      • A web showing which hospitals lack resources and how volunteers can help (e.g. donations)
    3. Coordination of production
      1. Logistics
        • Solution: A real-time software that coordinate production and logistics orders -> a workflow editor that can triggers an order for different material and corresponding transport/ product (e.g. system used by Siemens, Porsche)
      2. Factories can convert their production to medical supplies (note: related to "economy")
      3. Problem: lack of medical knowledge about self-production of medical supplies
        • Solution: A website/ database/ handbook to share the correct knowledge about self-producing
      4. Problem: Bottleneck in production of medical supplies due to lack of resources from abroad
    4. Patients distribution
      • An app advising patients where they should go
        • It can also search for free beds/clinic within a radius
    5. Systems in other industry that can be used
      1. Bed capacity: hotel booking system
      2. patients transport: carpooling and fleet management systems (Uber, Lyft, Blacklane, Talixo, MyTaxi and co)
      3. Inventory tracking system
    6. Financial support

Specific Medical Supplies edit

  1. Test
    1. Problem: Testing procedure takes too much time
      1. Lengthy phone calls to determine whether needed to be tested
      2. Too many people taking tests
      3. Too many people calling hotlines
      4. Too many forms for doctors to fill in
        • Solution: Centralized data system/ app that fill in most of the info from health insurance card
    2. Solution Workflow:
      1. Preprocess (e.g. CovApp
        1. Asking necessary questions for testing (a platform/app):
          • Record of cough, temperature, symptoms, travel, risk group, region, contact list, electronic stethoscope
        2. Determine riskiness: Using AI/ helpers/ simple algorithms to estimate a probability of infection
        3. Give recommendations
        4. Prioritize test lists
      2. Test procedure
        1. Inform place,date,time of the test quickly
        2. Conduct tests:
          • Problem: Cross-infection during/before testing (note: solutions are all for swab test)
          1. Solution: At-home test
            • Swab delivery system: can be collected by special mail/ local collection spots
            • QR code system for identifying samples (for convenient management for labs too)
          2. Solution: Test booth
          3. Solution: An app link the potentially infected to special ambulances (mobile diagnostic centers)-> a test swab is taken at front door
        3. Inform all stakeholder of results
        4. Instruction and info for quarantine if test is positive
      3. Monitor those suspicious but not yet tested positive
        • An diary app recording symptoms everyday (using standardized questions) -> can link to hospital system if suspicious/ severe
      4. Other side impacts (note: related to "tracking"):
        • Big data analysis for analysing regional outbreak/ research (e.g. "real-time early warning system" for the virus used in Taiwan)
    3. Problem: A lot of ppl not tested
      • Solution: Mass testing by volunteers using PCR method
    4. Problem: Not enough test
  2. Ventilators
  3. Masks and Gloves
    • Solution: Sewing masks for public use (may find sewing community on social media)
    • Solution: A central platform that organizes the postal dispatch of masks and gloves
  4. Hand Sanitizers
    • Solution: small distillers/ brewery companies
  5. Protective gowns
    • Emergency Replacement: Raincoat
  6. Mobile rescue package for emergency situation

Medical staff and services edit

  1. Shortage of manpower
    1. Problem: Too many ppl ask doctors for knowledge about COVID-19
      • Solution: Medical chatbots (note: related to "Increase awareness")
    2. Problem: How to provide regular/COVID-19 medical care at home
      • Solution: An app that digitalizes medical treatment and drug procurement: appointment/ consultation/ therapy sessions/ prescription/ order at the pharmacy/ payment -> with a drug delivery system to vicinity (the delivery system can combine with food/goods delivery)

    1. Problem: How to provide vaccination
      • Solution: Digital registration
    2. Problem: Medical staff overwork
      • Solution: A platform where medical staff can register and indicate what things others can help (e.g. shopping)
    3. Problem: Physical/psychological/social/economic problems for medical staff
    4. Voluntary work (for hospitals)
      1. Provide non-professional services for hospitals:
        • Assistance with food distribution/ cleaning aids/ medicine transports/ patient transports (ambulance replacement)/ guard service
      2. Help provide medical service:
        • Learning basics -> on-call/ assistant personnel for clinics
      3. A registration platform for those with medical competences/ knowledge but not qualified/ work as medics (e.g. medical students)
        • With a simple qualification/certificate verification process
  1. Problem: cross-infection at waiting room (note: related to "test"
    1. Solution: digital-registration
  2. Problem: Administration of tested/quarantined/ suspected cases within a community
    1. Solution: A database recording aftercare phone calls/ details of further treatment

Research for Treatment and Test edit

  1. Test:
    1. Use AI to analyze lung image
  2. Treatment
    1. A big database using AI to identify effectiveness of new treatment methods
    2. Legal issues
      • Simplify vaccine/ treatment approval process

Terminal care edit

  1. Digital/ phone calls (to family members)

Maintain people's mental and physical health edit

Mental health edit

All emotions are interrelated.

  1. Reason: unemployment/ food shortage /restriction of freedom/ Isolation/ health condition/ death toll
  2. Problem: Loneliness (especially for nursing home residents)
    1. Chatting
      1. Method: hotline/ Whatsapp/ telegram/ online/ letters (pen friends)
      2. How: random chat/ normal chat/ (emergency) counselling/ chat room/ neighbourhood help
      3. Type: anonymous or not
      4. Example: "the swedish number" (
    2. Online/ Virtual platforms (note: also related to "Sadness", "Boredom")
      1. virtual concerts/ yoga courses/ computer games/ DIY instructions (cooking, building, learning, Playing, thinking)/ festivals/ conferences
        • For virtual concert: ppl can send a piece of music recorded live
      2. A digital framework for family conversation
        • May use virtual reality of familiar places (e.g. home)-> using 360 degree cameras
  3. Problem: Sadness and Fear
    1. Media (online or magazines) that only have positive news about COVID-19
    2. Lennon walls and stickers on walls to spread positive info (e.g. HK democratic movement)
    3. Balcony singing (e.g. Italy)
    4. Any cheerful and entertaining content
  4. Problem: Anxiety
    • Solution: Breathing exercises/ meditation
  5. Problem: Boredom
    • A platform teaching ppl how to learn new hobbies/ transform old hobbies into corona-safe
  6. Problem: We might not know if ppl around us are distressed
    • Solution: Mood trackers
  7. Problem: Disputes and conflicts
    • Solution: A platform/online training/webinar solving conflicts/disputes/fear
  8. Professional treatment for mental problems
    • What to provide: psychoeducation/ stress management/ emotion regulation/ sleep training
    • Solution: A secured platform providing affordable/free coaching
      • Who can register as healers: social work/ occupational therapists/ psychologists/ recovery companions/ peer counselors/ psychological healers
    • Solution: An (AI-based) app/ website to provide understandable and entertaining psychological methods
      • Website (e.g.
      • AI-based apps (e.g. Moodpath, Selfapy)

Physical health edit

    1. Sports: indoor sports
  1. Help the weak
    1. Ppl with chronic illess
      • Sol: A virtual place for ppl to share info (note: can be combined)
    2. Ppl with mental illness (note: related to "mental")
      • Sol: Matching helpers nearby with those with mental illness.
    3. Domestic violence
    4. The old
      • Problem: they may have no cell phone/ smart phone
        • Solution: provide local help regarding communication
        • Solution: Get data from residents' registration office (privacy?)
      • Problem: they need help during the crisis
        • Solution: Neighbourhood help applications/ with automatic telephone answering machine via the Twilio API
          • Explanation: multiple function: help with shopping/ getting goods, help with the household (taking out the garbage) or just a nice phone call
          • Explanation: hotline with speech synthesis, basically act like siri-> auto-recording of orders
          • Explanation: remote call center with volunteers
          • Explanation: record time slots/ info/ region/ shopping list/ trace the purchase by photos
          • Explanation: No contact when delivery goods
          • Problem: payment (paypal?)
      • Problem: Old ppl's homes have introduced a ban on visitors (note: also related to "mental")
        • Sol: telephone/digital communication
    5. Childcare
      • Problem: Youth welfare is low
        • Sol: New types of low-threshold/"just-in-time"/face-to-face digital counseling service.
      • Problem: No schools -> look for children 24 hrs at home
        • Sol: Interactive learning platform -> children can ask ppl (higher grades/tutors/ teachers) questions with skype
        • Sol: Free Internet/ used discarded laptops for those don't have the equipment
        • Sol: Digital baby sitting-> help stop too-borderline content/ explain/ give parents feed back when children surf the net and play in online playgroups.
        • Sol: audio books for children/ read them live
        • Sol: A calendar with many daily challenges so that kids will not feel bored
      • Problem: Children cannot play outside
        • Sol: Table tennis at home/ an online platform coordinate sponsors to provide table tennis
      • Problem: Parents don't know what to do -> mental health
        • Sol:A platform for parents to share and support each other/ provide tips, time routine/activities/games/ educational methods/ recommendation from pediatricians and family therapists and employers -> (e.g. ?)
        • Sol: A recommended daily routine list for children
      • Problem: Separated parents
        • Sol: Virtual mediators-> help parents make arrangements for children. E.g. CoParenter in USA
    6. Homeless/ refugees
    7. Deaf or insufficient language ppl
      • Problem: may easy believe in fake news/ follow the current situation
      • Problem: How to contact medical staff
        • Solution: video system with sign language?
      • Problem: International colleague/students
        • Sol: Place them in a shared apartment complex
      • Sol: A multi-language hotline/ website for important news (same class as "awareness")
      • Sol: A translation service (by AI or helpers) for emergency contact with others
    8. Ppl living abroad
      • Insufficient embassies and consulates general
        • Contact persons at the embassy in case of emergency- Procedure in case of suspicion or illness in nCoV- Hospitals and outpatient clinics that can test for nCoV and treat it if necessary (with adequate health standards)- Risk assessment of the Foreign Office for individual countries- Evacuation plans and information on local travel regulations- Local regulations for quarantine measures- Prevention measures and behaviour during quarantine measures (especially for families)- Information on health insurance etc (case.428)
      • Sol: A mailing list to all ppl working abroad
      • Sol: In emergency situation-> a direct contact with embassy or doctors

Pets edit

Help economy edit

Affected industry edit

catering edit

  1. takeaway
  2. donate: prepare meals and deliver them to the needy people
    • Solution: A platform receiving donations and give out dishes at a standard price (especially to those in quarantine)
  3. virtual restaurants/ virtual coffee, beer
    1. be able to order a digital drink
    2. talk via video calls, online chat
    3. the restaurants are verified with map/restaurant association

Culture/ Art offers edit

  1. Problem: many events are cancelled
    • Solutions:
      1. Introduction: An online event database for all culture streaming offers
      2. Paid events:
        1. Paid access to online concert
        2. Online exhibition with entrance fee/ introduction videos -> visitors' questions can be answered by artists/ visitors can buy things
      3. Online platform with donation functions
      4. A digital place to share with friends about art and culture

Taxi/ trade/ tourism/ travel edit

  1. (Using mutual aid app) free capacity for transportation for shopping / vulnerable people / quarantined ppl/ online delivery

Agriculture edit

  1. A general Solution: Simplify the farming process
  2. Problem: Lack of helpers/ seasonal workers
    • Bad Impact: No collection of milk/ vegetables/ farming
    • Solutions: App/ platform/ social media for coordination and hiring (short-term contract) -> farmers mutual help/ help from volunteers/ hire unemployed (note: related to "shop" and "unemployment")
      • With search function/ description/ calendar function
  3. Problem: Many veg and fruits will be rotten very fast if not deliver in time
    • Solutions: Online fast order system
  4. Other Problems:
    • Shortage of feed due to possible bans on importing
    • Food supply/ Energy supply due to biogas
    • animal welfare

Supermarkets/ shops / lack of resources edit

  1. Different aspects: Hygiene/ Advertisement/ Finance/ Business/ Lack of Labour/ Lack of resources <-> Hamster purchases
  2. General Solution: A map/ platform showing all the (local) shops, with the following functions
    1. Info Shown:
      1. Shops' menu/ phone number/ location/ capacity/ category
      2. Whether/ when shops are full/ open or close -> recommend ppl where to buy
        • Analyzing WLAN and Bluetooth signals from nearby devices (e.g. HEAG Mobilo
      3. Inventory status (whether certain goods are available)
    2. Authentication for shops
    3. Direct communication with sellers
      • using personal/partly automated telephone/app
    4. Finance support: donation, lend money to sellers
      1. A long-term model like Patreon
      2. May use a block-chain/ crowdfunding/ P2P leading/ solidarity fund
    5. Transaction
      1. buying gift cards/vouchers for later service/ (special) goods
        • Protection for customers: Government guarantee protecting against the event of bankruptcy
        • Advantage: We can send this personalized gift cards to others (note: related to "isolation and loneliness")
      2. online shopping
        1. How to get goods: delivery service/ self-fetching
        2. How to pack goods: stuff put in hygienic containers
        3. How to pick up: book pick-up date (use QR code)
        4. How to pay: QR code/ digital payment
        5. How to deliver goods:
          1. Decentralized/ centralized(delivery once a day using a central coordinate system)
          2. Delivery method: voluntary/ taxi-transformed system/ logistic company/ a system like Uber
      3. special shopping time slots
        1. Type 1: different time slots for different risk groups (UK) (e.g.
        2. Type 2: book shopping time slots (May use QR code)
          1. Type 2.1: only those booked are allowed to enter
          2. Type 2.2: those booked are allowed to queue for a special fast queue
      4. Special arrangement for those in need
        • Possible pre-ordering for ppl with "certificates" proving they have a special need (note: related to "lack of resources")
    6. Help buyers (note: related to "Hygiene" as well)
      1. Mutual aid: allows ppl to buy goods for others
        1. Type 1: Ppl can order goods from who is shopping nearby (like Uber, with a fee)
        2. Type 2: Form a group -> establish a common shopping list -> buy things for others in the group
      2. A guide/ personalized checklist for ppl: what they need to buy/keep in stock
        • Reminded by their app when/where their need is available
  3. Hygiene
    1. Shops' perspective
      1. Management the number of clients in shops
      2. Keeping physical distance between clients and employees
      3. Protection for employees (e.g. masks and gloves)
      4. Prepare pre-filled shopping bags for fast buying (e.g. "Vegetable" bag contains vegetables)
  4. Finance
    • Solution: A program where big online shops agree to give some money they earn to small shops chosen by customers
  5. Advertisement
    • Solution: Can use automated SMS/ interactive map to create advertisements for local shops (note: what if ppl don't want them)
  6. Lack of Labour
    • Problem: Hotlines overwhelmed by customer concerns
      • Solution: Automated AI support: recording in digital form/ cleansing private info/ scanning and clustering to create an organization-specific Corona structure/ know the main topics and problems customers have / choose the standard solution to them/ evaluation of the response
  7. Lack of resources
    1. Logistics
    2. Problem: ppl like canned food, but not vegetables
      • Solution: cookbook with 60-80 recipes based on basic ingredients
      • Solution: turn fresh vegetables into canned food
    3. Solution: An app for efficient rationing in the region-> match essential demand with supply, using a centralized supply system
    4. Solution: A platform for exchange/donate/borrowing resources and labour (note: related to "Unemployment")
      • Possible to use: Open-source based block-chain or distributed ledge technology (decentralized and transparant)
  8. Big online shop/platform
    • They benefit from this COVID-19 (e.g. Amazon) -> they charge high fees

Private media edit

Bank edit

  1. Digital/ partially automated processes (for the following processes)
    • processing financing applications
    • official procedures
    • Online banking

Small economic units edit

  1. Definition: traders/ producers/ craftsmen/ caretakers/ logisticians/ self-employed persons/ Start-ups and SMEs etc
  2. Finance:
    • Problem: Small companies have no mature financial system/ CFO
      • Solution: A CFO on demand platform
        • What to provide: practices/tools/workflows/templates /advice
        • About what: Cash Flow management/ KPI/ financial reports/ Virtual conferences/ Expert surveys/ Courses and learning materials/ tool vendors/ Virtual niche events
    • Problem: Small companies may have greater liquidity problem
      • Solution: Financial buffer/ emergency fund
  3. Law (low cost):
    • Problem: Law issues about short-time work/child care/ holidays/dismissals/wage claims
      • Solution: Student legal advice
  4. A general platform:
    • Solution: A platform for entrepreneurs/ self-employed ppl to post a short message talking about their challenge -> can be helped in different ways (donations/ discussion/ opinions)
    1. Funding: Business angel networks/ crowd funding/ micro-credits

Normal business edit

  1. Digital/ Innovative Solutions (low-threshold and scalable):
    1. Team platform (e.g. MS Team or similar)
    2. A free/digital marketplace where companies can easily set up their business (e.g. Digital Mall)
    3. Innovative logistics approaches (e.g. open parcel shops)
    4. EU corona response initiative
    5. Virtual trade fair
  2. Finance:
    1. Fintecs
    2. Information platforms (bundling/ filtering/ processing many econ and financial info)
    3. Problem: Insolvency and liquidity problem
  3. Home Office
    • Problem: no fast verbal communication
      • Solution: establish a company level chat facilities with security in mind (e.g. Virtual project room)
    • Problem: How to reorganize and redesign processes and working methods -> work effectively
    • Problem: Digital administration
      • Solution: To develop simple/ user-friendly and safe solutions for PCs to be switched on remotely
    • Problem: There is a mass of unused professional equipment due to office work
      • Solution: they can be lend to others/ receive cashless payment
    • Problem: Lack of knowledge
      • Solution: A platform finding existing tools,solutions/providing guidelines for office work

Unemployment edit

  1. Industries that lack labour: supermarkets, harvesting, nursing, delivery services, people who shop for others, web designers, etc
  2. Solution: An online platform matching those need to work and those need labour (note: related to "agriculture")
    1. Those need to work: The unemployed/ students looking for part-time job/ idle employees not yet fired
    2. Optional solution: Temporary loaning employees between companies
    3. Info provided:
      • skill/ exp/ possible time frame/ region matching
    4. Characteristics of the jobs provided:
      • Uncomplicated/ location-oriented (like Uber)
    5. Templates/ recommendations provided:
      • legal advice/ contract, regulation, insurance framework template
    6. How to introduce the new job:
      • Interdisciplinary mentoring, introduction videos for career changers
    7. Problem: Temporary employees may not be protected properly-> they are not a member of trade union/ lack of social security/ safety

Financial request/ support edit

  1. Apply for government financial aid/ equity capital/ loan
    1. Solution Flow: Summarize information -> recommendation -> simplify and automation
    2. Summarize information
      • Solution: bundle all information offers (e.g. info about law/ possible reconstruction ...)
    3. Recommendation
      • Solution: A platform for procurement of equity capital/ loan (similar to online dating platforms)
      • Problem: It is unclear which aid/ loan program is suitable
        • Solution: A digital/ standardized/ AI system to find out which funding programmes are suitable
    4. Simplify and automation
      • Problem: the application system for financial aid/ loan is too complex (too many forms)
        1. Solution: A simple digital platform for short-time work benefits
        2. Solution: Semi-auto entering info and doc/sending the applications/ process cases/ digital payment
  2. Directly help those who need money
    • Solution: Financial support groups (redistribution of income among groups)(note: this looks like communism)
    • A platform for asking for help (e.g. Share the meal)
  3. Problem: possible abuse

Digital Economy edit

  1. digital donation/ payment/ micro-investment/ contract
  2. Usage of blockchain
    • Smart contract
  3. Usage of cryptocurrency

Chances and risks of globalization and internationalization edit

Maintain societal function edit

  1. Education
    • e-learning platform
    • virtual classroom
  2. Government Operation
  3. Communication between social groups
  4. Crisis management
  5. Public administration
  6. Culture/ Art offers (note: solutions already shown in "economy" section)
  7. Border control
    1. Problem: Congestion at border (e.g. trucks) -> delivery bottleneck -> spoiled good
      • Solution: QR code for police: Auto-fill some info for online questionnaire/ avoid double check
      • Solution: Automated entry/exit control system, with license plate readers
  8. Data and cyber security
    • Increase awareness for companies
      • Solution: A video campaign shows the biggest mistakes made by home office and simulates popular cyber attack
      • Solution: A blacklist including fake article websites/apps
  9. Social welfare system
    1. Problem: drop in donation for charity
    2. Problem: Social workers hard to meet those need help
      • Solution: Video chat
    3. Food banks
      • Problem: lack resources
        • Sol: An online food donation platform
      • Problem: difficult to distribute rations in food banks
        • Sol: helpers help delivery food
  10. Religion
    1. Problem: No church service or gathering
      • Bad Impact: Mental problem
      • Solution: Make it digital, while keeping the prayer format close to the original version
      • Solution: Let believers to communicate with each other -> do not feel lonely

Support other projects edit

  1. Allocation of helpers and resources
    1. Think from different perspectives: companies/ volunteers/ those need help/ those with extra resources
    2. Sol: Distribution of tokens for projects and supporters -> provide evidence of value -> tokens can be used as medium of exchange in P2P marketplaces or discounts
    3. Sol: A (real-time) platform for finding and registering volunteers/ special skills are recorded and verified
  2. Funding
    1. Micro-donation
      • Solution: donation campaign->customers round up their purchase (e.g. Germany rounds up" donation campaign:
      • Sol: online shopping -> advertising commissions are generated via so-called affiliate marketing
    2. Problem: not transparent
    3. Reimbursement of travel expenses
  3. Advertising
  4. A common platform for all projects
  5. A centralized database (proper visualization)
    1. real-time
    2. Telecommunication providers have to provide movement profiles
    3. Health authorities have to report their case numbers centrally
    4. Hospitals report their capacity in real time/ length of stay
    5. Retail sales
    6. Anonymous patient data
    7. Num of death/ excess mortality cases (with or without acute respiratory disease, with or without COVID-19 detected)
  6. Efficient information transfer
  7. Coordination between service provides and regional coordination
  8. Ideas and knowledge (proper visualization)
    1. A platform to exchange ideas and experiences (e.g. for different projects) ->network the knowledge

Other edit

  • List of communication methods: telephone, website, chat bots, messenger apps and language assistance systems such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.
  • Things ppl should know: Rules of conduct for social contacts/ Hygiene rules (e.g. door handles/ phones) /Own assessment of whether belongs to the risk group/ Which authorities are responsible/ Travel rules
  • Standardization of projects (for ventilators): goals/non-goals/budget/laws / Secures stored evidence/concepts/ guidelines/ work instruction procedures via on/offline tooling provides a comprehensive structure/ guidance for implementation as well as a highly available and redundant platform to implement an up-to-date/ emergency preparedness management/ As well as a very good integration and digitalization of necessary documentation -> (Case.224)

References edit

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