If we consider epidemiological requirements and constraints in the context of Public Health we will now touch the topic sports. We address COVID-19 by application of Systems Thinking. A systems thinking approach includes feedback loops impact on other area and domains. In this learning modul we analyse the topic sports on two different levels:

  • Sports as activity of citizens, that contributes to Public Health,
  • Sports as a business, with a economical objective to keep the business running under the given epidemioligical requirenments and constraints.
Jogging in Groups
Jogging - alone

The main focus is the contribution of Sports to Public Health.

Learning tasks edit

  • Doing sports could have an impact on public health (e.g. sports for reduction of cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, ...). Analyse the positive impact sports and compare that with the requirements and constraints of social distancing.
  • Sort the following types of sports by epidemiological risks, if you want to allow doing sports, which type would you allow practice first after a lockdown or would prefer to keep the epidemiological constraints for all types of sports simultaneously and drop all restrictions for sports at the same time.
    • Tennis,
    • Volleyball,
    • Running,
    • Gymnastics,
    • Football, Soccer, Rugby, ...
    • Motocycle Racing, ...
    • Sailing, canoeing, ...
    • ...
  • Explain the difference between doing sports as a citizen and dealing with sports as a business! What are the difference and what do have both perspectives in common and discuss that from the angle of Risk Management. Who benefits from decisions and who has to deal with the consequences of decisions and the resulting risks?
  • (Workflow Transformation) Assume you are responsible for a sports club with citizens doing sports at sports club and you have at the same time a team that is doing competitions in a national league. Analyse you options for decision making and analyse the consequences of your decision making if all sports club decide in a similar. Assign different types of sports to the students. Decisions of today are visible e.g. 14 days later. Explain the challenges of Risk Literacy for decision makers by the proposed decision making of the learners? Discuss if the decisions were appropriate for the epidemiological situation in your country. How can the learner validate, if there decision making was appropriate for the current situation.
  • (Systems Thinking) Analyse the following sentence!
In the previous month we took care about epidemiology and now we address sports for citizens as a support for other areas of Public Health. Which types of sports must have specific restrictions. Compare positive impact and of the negative impact of these types of sports on the COVID-19 and disease in general.
Compare consequence of additional lockdown in 6 weeks with current reduction of restrictions. Should sports as business and sports performed by citizens treated in the same way or differently? Explain your suggestions and provide benefits and drawbacks!

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