COVID-19/Mathematical Modelling/Estimation Cases

Estimate the real number of cases Edit

  • (Capture-Recapture) Analyse Capture-Recapture method and explain what kind of study design is required to estimate the real number of case. Assume that the capture step is already done and the marked individual are the COVID-19 infected among the tested. Apply crowd sourcing and citizen sciences with an app on mobile devices to estimate the real number of infected.
  • (Questionnaire and Citizen Science) Define the questionnaire that is provided on the mobile device to get the require numbers in the study for estimating the total number of COVID-19 infected citizens.
  • (Open Data Kit) The Open Source infrastructure Open Data Kit can be used to collect data online and offline and you can load the questionnaire in the app. ODK is able to insert the georeference into the collected record. What are the benefit of a georeference for COVID-19 data collection.