CDIO/Rube Goldberg 4

Problem Statement edit

The Design Process edit

Requirements for each element or component derived from system level goals and requirements edit
Alternatives in design edit
The initial design edit
The pulley system design for one step of the Rube Goldberg machine.

For the pulley step in the machine, Iron man will be "flying" and flipping a switch in order to begin the next step of the machine.

Experiment prototypes and tests need for design edit
Pulley for the last step

Utilization of Knowledge in Design edit

Technical and scientific knowledge edit
Creative and critical thinking, and problem solving edit
Prior work, reuse and reverse engineering edit

Modeling, simulation and test edit

Multi-Objective Design (DFX) edit

Performance, life cycle cost and value edit
Aesthetics and human factors edit
Implementation, verification, test and environmental sustainability edit
Operations edit
Maintainability, reliability, and safety edit
Robustness, evolution, product improvement and retirement edit

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