CDIO/Rube Goldberg 3

Idea edit

Problem Statement edit

Begin the process of creating a Rube Goldberg machine with a specific theme and size.

Setting System Goals and Requirements edit

Market/Customer needs edit

The customer, or, in this case, teacher, needs a functioning Rube Goldberg machine with a definite end result, and a clear theme.

Factors that set the context of the requirements edit

Enterprise goals and capabilities edit

The goal of this Rube Goldberg machine, again, is not only to be functional, but to have a specific theme with various "tools." So the theme becomes a factor of the requirements. Since various tools must be used, a theme should be picked that will allow for a number of different tools to be used. For instance, if the theme was sports balls, there wouldn't be very many tools used. Just a different number of balls. The goal of this Rube Goldberg machine is to use multiple types of tools.

Defining Function, Concept and Architecture edit

System concepts edit

The basic concept of this Rube Goldberg machine is superheroes. Each step in the machine will have some correlation to different superheroes from the comic book and movie universe.

Necessary system functions edit

The function of any Rube Goldberg machine is to take a very simple task and make it as complex as possible. Being complex means containing a lot of steps. The necessary function of this Rube Goldberg machine is to be able to make each step initiate at the end of the previous step. In other words, each step needs to cause the next step.

Modeling of System and Ensuring Goals Can Be Met edit

Appropriate models of technical performance edit

The plan of implementation and operations edit

Implementation will commence once the design process of the superhero Rube Goldberg machine is complete. After the entire machine is built, the operation of the machine will be tested.

Development Project Management edit

Project cost and schedule edit

The first week of the project consisted of just conceiving the different aspects of the Rube Goldberg machine. The second week will consist of the design process. The design process may continue into the third week. Once the design process is done, implementation will begin. If started, the implementation process will continue until the end of the project. Each process must be thorough to ensure success of the machine.

Finalization of the conceive part of the rube Goldberg machine

Estimation and allocation of resources edit

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Next Steps edit