Week0 Preferences edit

Since we are working on four interesting projects, I have my favorite and my least favorite. With that being said, here is a list from my most to least favorite project 1)Fido
3)Model Railroad
4)Maze Solver

Week1 Narrative edit

Week 1 required a lot of research on the mazie as well as on how to build the maze for the mazie. Professor did say that he wanted the card board that we are going to use for the mazie to be foldable. As a result, I spent my week as well as weekend trying to find out a way to work like how professor Plotnick wants it to work. As a result, I came across using plastic tolls called makedo. http://mymakedo.com/box-props

Week2 Narrative edit

Over week 2, since my job is to work on the maze, I have been working on the designing it. Althoug its not completly perfect, it has the main part of the design on it. Which is how the maze is going to look like and the turns its going to have.
That does not mean that the design is over. Now, I will work on improving it. Adding the distance from one point to another is one of the most things the design lacks. With that being said, I will spend week 3 updating my finlaizing my design for the maze. If things go as planned,while my partner Hassan is working on mazie, I should be good to build the actual maze at the end of week 3.

Week3 Narrative edit

This week has been one of the most successful week of this project. Since the day I started on maize, all I worked on the first two weeks is on how the project should look like. With that being said, I never had anything but my design. I also scheduled a spot to present at the seminar for the 4th week. That made me realize that I needed to be ready to present at the seminar. So, I started getting my hands active. I had box cards stored in back. I grabbed them and decided to start cutting up the maze's. When I first started to think were I was going to cut, I had no idea. As a result, I had to spend another half an hour thinking how and where I was going to cut the boxes. Before I start cutting, I marked the spots I was going to cut using a pencil. After that, all I had to do was cut up the boxes.

Image maze

Once I was done cutting up the boxes, I had to figure out a way to make the walls stay up using the makedo's. As a result, I used 13 makedos and creating a maze and was more than ready to present. And of course, before my partner and I present, we had to test it. At the end of the third week, we did and it ended up working perfectly. And now, I am more than ready and excited to present my project to my client (Mr. Plotnick) and the rest of engineering students and professors.

Week4 Narrative edit

Through out my entire project working on maize, I feel like week 4 is one of the best weeks but at the same time on of the saddest. I finished my part of the project. Likewise, so did my partner Hassan. I signed up to present my project so I can present it in front of my client that doesnt pay us anything but points, Mr.Plotnick as well as to the rest of engineering students and professors. It's a real honor to be able to present and discuss your accomplishments so far. In return, I got some better idea's on how mazie can be improved. As we first started, the guest speaker before me took 5 minutes of out the 15 minutes that I had to present my project. I have never presented infront of students as many at the seminar. That required that me to look, sound, act and present as professional as possible. When it was my turn to present, I asked Mr.Plotnick, " Can I go next week since I only have 10 minutes to present?" He looked me and said, "No, you can do it." As result, I went ahead and started presenting my accomplishment. At the end, I felt like the presentation was successful. The audiences had no questions and they paid attention from the beginning to the end of the project. Once we were done, the part that proved to me that the presentation was good was when Mr. Plotnick himself acknowledged that I presented well. Working on the maze was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Once you start getting your hands into it, you realize how hard the work can be. But, Its all do-able.