Connectivism and Connective Knowledge

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Connectivism and Connective Knowledge

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What is connectivism?

What is Wikiversity?

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This page offers editable wiki notes about the Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2009 course.

You are welcome to contribute: Be bold!

Register by signing up to The Daily or to formally enrol for credit contact George Siemens.

Session 1: Introduction

  1. Official wiki description
  2. Week 1 official blog post
  3. Introduction to course structure and philosophy (elluminate recording)
  4. Introductory video
  5. Cover It Live
  6. What is connectivism?
  7. Discussion forum: The most notable thread was about "What is connectivism?"
  1. Connect everything via CCK09 tag - many paths
  2. What is a lurker? (good or bad?)
  3. Discourse/participation/content is distributed - what draws it together are the interconnections (a design philosophy)
  4. No strict borders
  5. We'd like to see you "create something somewhere" e.g., blog, bookmarks, images, etc.
  6. Grasshopper will be used to collate/harvest ""CCK09" RSS feeds in the daily newsletter: Submit feeds here
  7. Aggregation key 'way-finder', 'sense-maker' in this process
  8. Some connections will get a life of their own
  9. Participate in whatever discussion space you like - just share it with others :)

Week 2: Networks and Network Structure


Session 2: What is Connectivism?

  1. Thursday, September 17, 4:00 pm CST : Focus: What is Connectivism
  2. What is connectivism? (Elluminate recording)

Session 3: Networks

  1. Resources
  2. Discussion forum
  3. [1] (Elluminate recording)

Week 3: Connectives and collectives

  1. Week 3: Connectives and Collectives
  2. Introductory video
  3. [2] (Elluminate recording)
    1. Provided a recap of the course to date
    2. Discussed differences between between groups and networks, and the pedagogical implications

Participants' CCK09 stuff

Blog posts
  1. Spring is in the air
  2. Connectivism and Connected Learning Online Course
  3. Connectivism wiki and the creation of knowledge

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