Business Process Management and Automation in Project Management

Project DescriptionEdit

To improve the return on investment for all activities undertaken within any organization is a fundamental concern to everyone involved. This means that every entity must look beyond meeting the expectations of the current task at hand. They must also be looking forward to what value to the activity will bring to the organization as a whole. Doing so ensures not only the success of the organization and project, but also increases the likelihood of receiving funding and support for future endeavors.

To this end Project Managers, and in larger organizations the Project Management Office, have become integral parts to many initiatives. The leadership skills, industry specific experience and knowledge, and understanding of effective project management these entities bring have enabled projects to successfully come in on time, on budget, and as outlined.

But now the question arises : How does an organization improve upon the activities of the Project Manager and the Project Management Office? The answer lies within the field of Business Process Management and Automation. More specifically, these organizations need to undertake activities to optimize their existing business processes surrounding their project management methodology, and adapt these processes to new organizational needs.

The goal of this project is to outline to any organization the opportunity they have to improve their return on investment from projects through the application of Business Process Management and Automation techniques within their project management environment. Through the analysis of the PMI : Project Management Body of Knowledge, steps will be outlined in detail on how organizations can improve not only individual projects, but overall organizational performance as well.

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->Business Process Mangagement Automation
->Project Management
Business Process Management and Automation in Project Management
->Project Lifecycle
->Scope Creep
->Resource Allocation and Tracking
->Cost Estimation
->Communication Plan
->Task Allocation

Suggested Reading / BibliographyEdit

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