BristleBot Model 4: New Edition

Target Audience

  • Children (age 8-14)
    Previous BristleBot Team's Model
  • Adults (parents/guardians)
    Improved BristleBot Model 4
    • Who would accompany the children to replicate this model

Starting Point

  • Get a feel for visual conception by looking at the Previous Team's Model
  • Conceptually derive its features but improve upon them for the New BristleBot Model 4

Replication Goal

  • Instead of copying the Previous Team's Model, improve its features for the BristleBot Model 4
  • Use similar materials that contributed to success in the Previous Team's Model (especially the use of Velcro)
  • Improve upon the Previous Problems that can be identified in the BristleBot Model 4

Previous Problems

  • Tedious when it comes to repositioning of bottom brushes. Its video demonstration: Repositioning the brushes
    • It takes just as must time replicating as repositioning the bottom brushes
    • The model has to be reactivated again after repositioning
    • If there is an issue regarding the repositioning, the entire process has to be repeated
  • Doesn't necessarily go 'straight'
    • Its demonstration: BristleBot 4
    • There is a trend of forward motion; however, the model moves diagonally not straight
    • Repositioning wasn't really helpful with this step


  • $1 material's base
  • $1 material's motor
  • Three brushes
  • Double-sided foam tapes
  • AA Battery
  • Two sets of Velcro

Procedure: Improved Bristle Bot Model 4 (Pics)


Procedure: Improved Bristle Bot Model 4 (Vids)

  • Step 1: Remove the Brushes from the Original Model 4
  • Step 2: Attach Velcro to the Base
  • Step 3: Attach Velcro to the Brushes
  • Step 4: Run the Model 4. This portrays the exact image and movement as the Previous Team's BristleBot
  • Step 5: Add the third brush to promote forward direction instead of going in a loop. Be sure to curve the brushes

New BristleBot 4 Testing



  • The model found its 'permanent' attachments with the use of Velcro.
    • This promotes far superior stability than the previous double-sided foam tapes
    • The balance issue seems to be solved through its edition.
  • Doesn't go diagonally but rather straight motion
    • Finally, the model goes in the forward direction
    • There is a slight evidence of diagonal motion but this is not as obvious as the previous model
  • It's actually much faster than the previous model
    • speed wasn't the focus point but it definitely improved
    • Won't bore the audience as the model can finally go faster
  • Unlike the Previous Team's Model, this Newly Improved BristleBot Model 4 doesn't drift in a circular, continuous pattern

More Problems

  • After a short duration of its activation, the Model moves in a off-course, diagonal direction
    • Doesn't maintain its 'forward' motion the whole time
  • No creativity in the design still
    • Although it wasn't the intention, Model still lacks its creativity in the design.