BristleBot Model 4

Target Audience

  • Children (age 8-14)
    BristleBot Model 4
  • Adults (parents/guardians)
    • Who would accompany the children to replicate this model

Starting Point

  • Get a feel for visual conception through this Youtube Tutorial Video
    • This helps to capture an image of a generic BristleBot Model
  • Derive the features for the BristleBot from |Hexbugs

Replication Goal

  • Instead of copying the Youtube Bristlebot, remodel its structure and design based upon the listed materials
    • Be creative to gain children's attention and their interests in making this bristlebot
  • Like nano hexbugs, the replicated model must move as well
    • The vibration caused by the model allows the Bristlebot to move in a direction
    • Angle the brush/base so that the model moves forward; not in a loop of random directions
  • Transcend the previous Models' concepts
    • Safe but stable model
    • Easy to assemble but creative model


  • $1 material's base
  • $1 material's motor
  • Three brushes
  • Double-sided foam tapes
  • AA Battery

Procedure: BristleBot Model 4 (Pics)


Procedure: BristleBot Model 4 (Vids)

  • Step 1: Adding double-sided tapes onto brushes
  • Step 2: Reassemble the motor into the base model
  • Step 3: Attach the brushes onto the base model
  • Step 4: Place double-sided tape onto the third brush and attach it onto the other end of the base model
  • Step 5: Run the current model. If the angle is off (as shown in the video), reposition the brushes so that it moves forward direction
  • Step 6: Repositioning the brushes

BristleBot 4 Testing



  • Safe and no exposure of vibrator
    • Children with long hairs do not have to worry about being coiled onto this model
    • No sharp materials, such as needles or knives were used
  • Potential creativity
    • Because the external features of the model is plastic, children can draw onto their finished product
    • Stickers and art supplies could be prepared if this model is chosen for the MakerFaire
  • Assembly style to create this model
    • Each compartment could be replicated by young children by simply stacking each layer on top of each other
      • Bottom = Toothbrushes
      • Middle = Double-Sided Tapes
      • Top = The entire electronic tooth brush without the brush (just its base)
  • Requires so little time to replicate this model
    • Saves lot of times for adult supervisors and children to make this model and continue the tour on MakerFaire
  • Actual 'Switch' button
    • Doesn't require users to find ways to attach the free-floating wires onto the battery
    • Uses 'on' and 'off' switches to activate or turn off the motor


  • Tedious when it comes to repositioning of bottom brushes
    • It takes just as must time replicating as repositioning the bottom brushes
  • Doesn't necessarily go 'straight'
    • There is a trend of forward motion; however, the model moves diagonally not straight
  • Design, in general, is not too appealing but rather dull
    • Decorations can be added but the structure might be plain in the eyes of children