Brezhoneg Pevar

Port of Brest
Beg ar c'havr, Kraozhon

Brezhoneg Unan

"Brezhoneg Pevar" is a course in the Breton Department. In this Beginner's course, students are introduced to simple texts, grammar complements and some phrases for a simple conversation.


Gorsedd in Brittany


Breton literature In the 19th century antiquarians and Celtic revivalists undertook the collection of folk texts, songs and stories. Writers such as Anatole Le Braz and Kervarker brought new readers to traditional Breton literature.

The poet Yann-Ber Kalloc'h (1888-1917) was killed during the First World War. His posthumously-published collection Ar en deulin established his reputation as a war poet.

In the 1920s a movement, in which the linguist and author Roparz Hemon played an important part, arose to introduce the trends of modern literature into Breton. The literary magazine Gwalarn provided an outlet for modern authors, such as Jakez Riou and Youenn Drezen (who published the first long novel in Breton in 1941).

Per-Jakez Helias (1914-1995) wrote prose and poetry in both Breton and French. His contemporary Añjela Duval (1905-1981) wrote poetry reflective of her peasant origins, mysticism, and social conscience.