Bloom Clock/Category inclusion

One of the major goals of the Bloom Clock is to define when a plant is blooming in any given region of the world. During the initial phases of making this determination, plants are categorized according to when they can be seen blooming in particular geographic regions. The inclusion rule for these categories is simple: if a plant is recorded blooming in a region, then it should be categorized as such.

For consistency, these regional categories should be in the form [[Category:BCP/REGION/<month>]], with REGION replaced by a shortcut for the region in question, and <month> by the numerical month. See, for example, Category:Bloom Clock/Southeastern Pennsylvania Categories.

These categories can then be used to create "graphical lists" using DynamicPageList. See, for example, Bloom Clock/Keys/Southeastern Pennsylvania/May/White Flowers (created using Category:White flowered plants and Category:BCP/SEPA/5).

As data is accumulated over time from many regions, there could be hundreds (or even thousands) of categories on each log page.