Bibliography and Research Methods

Goal of the learning project:
At first, this project will be to find out how to properly obtain sources for Wikiversity so that we may properly and successfully conduct our own research. Concepts to learn via research of this topic include:

  • Ethical research
What is "unethical research"? Perhaps as a start we could say "ethical reason" breaks no laws, is intended to hurt no one, and has no fixed position to support. An ethical researcher is interested in facts and truths, not just supporting a predetermined position.
  • What sources are appropriate for what type of research
  • How to properly cite these sources
A url link such as: [[1]] or a unique delimiting character or font such as ^ or subscript which provides links or index to further information on the publisher, date, page number, paragraph number, etc. seems like a good start for references. I am coming to prefer online materials for convenience.

Once we have all the unanswered questions answered, we will set up instruction materials (and possibly an accompanying wikibook) that can be used for self-instruction or for a research class.

See also Wikiversity:Research process

External resources

  • Wikipedia:WikiProject Wikidemia For ethical learning is yes do no harm, but it is also 'the end does not always justify the means', and i would say that learning with an eye always to the ethics of what you will take from learning and then take out into the wider environment .--Coolpolitealex 22:41, 12 March 2010 (UTC)